Hustler Vs. Scammer - Peezy

Hustler Vs. ScammerPeezy

Quotable Lyrics:
17 with my own trap (with my own spot)
Talkin to the… we don’t condone that
Talk to siri I don’t need a f**kin’ road map
She on her period she almost f**ked up the whole bag

And my watch that’s a whole thang (that’s a whole brick)
I’m talkin’ Fetty Wap not no cocaine
Bought an eighth from Unk like I’m Rocaine (yeah)
Two liter pineapple po’ the whole thang

I can’t f**k with these ni**as again
I’m married now I’m done f**kin’ these b*tches again
Check my account I just made me a ticket again
I hit the baddest b*tches out in Michigan and I ain’t give em’ sh*t

If you really got it out the mud lift your wrist
Sippin’ wock hardt all day now a ni**a stiff
I might buy a b*tch a bag if she talk right
It’s funny how the shirt all black but it’s OFFWHITE

Before we got this sh*t off rap we got it OFFWHITE
Cuttin’ up half a brick we gon’ be here all night
I’m the man ni**a face it
That little sh*t you coppin’ I spend it on a b*tch bracelet

I won’t touch the b*tch if she basic
I’m in a penthouse now I came out the basement
I hit a brick with a hammer (huh)
I hit a brick with a hammer it was harder than the f**kin’ pavement

Bro stabbed me in the back felt like it was Jason
Endured so much pain I just can’t take it
She just jumped on this thang and she can’t take it