Hunnit Dolla Hiccup - Armani Caesar Feat. Benny The Butcher & Stove God Cooks

Hunnit Dolla HiccupArmani Caesar Feat. Benny The Butcher & Stove God Cooks

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m screamin’ “F**k b*tches” (F**k b*tches)
’til we f**k b*tches (F**k b*tches)
I’m up, b*tches, No Doz, what, b*tches? (Come on)
Pearl handle .38, booms in the cut

Snooze if you want, when I dos, it gets done, it’s a— (Woo)
It’s that real (Uh-huh), pu**ies stay mad still
I just light up your Ave. and pop me an Advil (Uh-huh)
It’s Louis ‘stead of Goose now, hundred dollar hiccups (Yeah)
They say I got the juice now like I murked Bishop (Grrah)

My only competition starin’ at me in the mirror (What up?)
My mama told me not to grow up fast, I ain’t wanna hear it
Got a team of bad b*tches (Uh-huh), when they pass,
gеt the shivers (What elsе?)
Cut it back, get the scissors when the cash get delivered (Ha)
Don’t catch feelings, I catch flights (Catch flights)

I don’t chase ni**as, and no type (Nah)
You the h*e type, I’m the dough type (Uh-huh)
Murder scene, C’s killin’ all the shit y’all ghostwrite (Haha)
Chain where the titties be (Titties), bag where the blicky be (Uh-huh)

On some chill sh*t, but this MAC on a killin’ spree (Brrt, brrt, brrt)
I ain’t the hottest out, is you kiddin’ me? (Ah)
F**k-b*tches wanna clique with me (The Butcher comin’, ni**a)
‘Cause they really scared to be my enemy (Yeah, yeah)