How We Livin - Dave East

How We LivinDave East

Quotable Lyrics:
Welcome to life, how we livin’
Sh*t, I gotta live right ‘fore they miss him (They miss him)
On my grind, if you blink, you might miss him (You might miss him)
I might sip one more drink, just for rhythm (One more)

I might smoke one more spliff ‘fore I spin him (One more)
I might pull up on timin’ and kill him (Skrrt)
I’m a hero, they paint me the villain (Paint me the villain)
I know ni**as that ain’t no convincin’ (Ain’t no convincin’, nah)

On your top if I ever get mentioned (On your top)
On your block with a hunnid lil’ ni**as (On your block)
Why you post and you ain’t in the picture? (You ain’t in the picture)
Make the call and the gang’ll come get you (Come get you)

Look, still on my mission, I’m still with thеm ni**as
they talk about (They talk about, they talk about)
Thеy see me in person, it’s not what these ni**as been
talkin’ ’bout (Talkin’ ’bout, talkin’ ’bout, no)

Dave East