How To Rob (Remix) - cupcakKe

How To Rob (Remix) – cupcakKe

Quotable Lyrics: How To Rob (Remix) – cupcakKe

Gang, gang, gang, if you hear your name, it’s all muhfuckin’ love, don’t take shit personal
But you know how I’m finna slap this bitch, ayy

See, I was gon’ try to rob Sada but he got a whole lotta choppers (Boom, boom, boom)
Might f*ck around, rob Gaga, see if 12 will buy me a whopper
I’ma run up on the Migos, shoot ’em like a free throw, ni**a, I’m so unbothered
Drop Offset body in a jungle since he wanna be a cheater, forgive me, lil’ father
I can make Wiz Khalifa just choke off a NewPort
Is that Tory Lanez or is that Too $hort? (Short ass)
Stash the stack from Young M.A. up in New York