Hotel Lobby - Quavo & Takeoff

Hotel LobbyQuavo & Takeoff

Quotable Lyrics:
Let’s get it
Hop off a sixteen passenger
This a G5, no, this not a Challenger (Big one)
I keep some members with me, the freaks get coach seats
They some cannibals (Eaters)
They like to get geeked, drink a whole bottle, wake up and repeat (Damn)
She took a lil (Shh), mixed it with the (Chill out)
Now she said she seein’ 3D (Wow)

I go in the jungle and I ain’t got a coat, I bet I come out with a mink (I bet I)
Do this sh*t for the fam’ ’cause this sh*t bigger than me (Big)
Color stones in my infinity link, and in the factory, masterpiece (Factory)
I call him twin ’cause that be my brother
We got the same Rollie, he matchin’ me (Nah, for real)

Water on me like the sauna (Wet), some karats, some pointers (Woo)
All these commas, I won’t fumble (Fumble)
Migo gunners out the jungle (Migo)
Buy it all, f**k a fronter (F**k ni**a)
Can’t call me no fronter (Woo, cash)
Drop top, feelin’ like Stunna (Hah, drop top)

Get these plays, don’t runnin’ (We gone)
Chrome Hearts wallet, smoke my product, take three vibes to the tropics (Tropics)
Ni**a wasn’t sh*t, I was outside just servin’ narcotics (Narcotics, woo)
Pass me that stick, ni**a make one wrong move, just pop him (Pop him, brrt)
Blame it on bro with a hoe flooded out in the hotel lobby (Flooded)