Hot Sh*t - Cardi B Feat. Lil Durk & Kanye West

Hot Sh*tCardi B Feat. Lil Durk & Kanye West

Quotable Lyrics:
Now this that hot sh*t
Jimmy Snuka off the top rope, superfly sh*t (Fly)
Might get in the tub with all my ice on some ‘Pac sh*t (Hot)
Either way you slice it, bottom line, I’m the top b*tch
New Chanel, I rock it, twist and it ain’t even out yet

All this jewelry at the grocery store, I’m obnoxious
Bought a home and closin’ on another, I know I’m blessed
Everybody wanna be gang, ain’t no spots left
Bad b*tch contеst, it wouldn’t be a contest
Ooh, smokin’ dope, I’m connеcted

I don’t know what’s longer, man, my blocklist or my checklist
I don’t know what’s colder, man, my heart or my necklace
Pretty when I wake up, I’m a bad b*tch at breakfast
Still might slide on a opp (It’s electric)
Hatin’ didn’t work so they lie (So they lie)

These b*tches lookin’ hurt and they fried (And they fried)
I know they wouldn’t miss ’em if they died
Tell ’em, “Move, move, move,” new Chanel on my body, it’s a boost

I’m so poppin’, I don’t ever gotta get introduced (‘Duced)
One thing I never call a b*tch for is a truce (Truce)
Brand new chopper, can’t wait to put that b*tch to use (Use)

Oof (Oof)
Checks comin’ fast, I’m like swoosh (Swoosh)
Ooh (Ooh)
Give ’em to me straight, hundred proof (Proof)
I thought I killed you h*es before, it must be déjà vu
It’s either that or I’m catchin’ body number two