Hoodwinked - TOBi


Quotable Lyrics:
I look just like my dad
I look just like my mother
They don’t look like each other
They don’t look at each other

Feel like Samson in broken homes
Holding pillars together
Last I saw was Delilah
She was running for cover

Finger waves in her hair
Looking laid on her head
Got her laid on the bed
Hit record with my hand

Could premiere it in Cannes
Had to cut off some friends
They don’t wanna invest

Moon walk down the steps
Moon walk when I get the advance
I just learned how to dance… Woo!

Who you vibe who gon’ find you?
What you know about putting all your faith inside you?
What you know about giving handouts and getting slapped?
What you know about getting lied to in times two, haaa?