Hoodie - Ari Lennox

HoodieAri Lennox

Quotable Lyrics:
Saw what you did last night
Just called to say it ain’t right
Constantly wastin’ my time
Tell me, boy, why?

Can I fit in that hoodie?
I’m tryna get in that hoodie (I’m tryin’, tryin’, try)
Can I fit in that hoodie? (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’m tryna play in that hoodie

I need someone fearless
Tell me, are you that guy?
If you want to get there
Will you stay for the night?
Oh, I

You know how these things go
Ready if you say so (Yeah, yeah)
Spread it like some queso
Tangled up on your waist
Dreamin’ of how you taste
Underneath your North Face (And let’s go all the way)

Ari Lennox