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Quotable Lyrics:
I missed her so much that I made her Mrs. (Yeah)
Feel like I hit the lottery win, when I saved the digits (facts)
I payed her visits, nah Im lyin’, she always came to me (Yeah)
I was a player, but I changed, this is no game to me, [?]

She never let me down, I mean she did, but who am I to judge
‘Cause we all make mistakes, I know I did, but I feel safe with you
Travel ’round the world, no place we go ever feels strangе with you
When I lay with you, I sleep better, brеathe better

And when I think ’bout you, I don’t need anything else (Anything, anything)
And when I’m just with you, I don’t mind being myself (Being my, being my)
And if I can’t be with you, I’ll be missin’ you (Missin’ you)
And when I walk back in, you know I’m kissin’ you (Kissin’ you)