HOME (Remix) - Mike Dimes Feat. J.I.D

HOME (Remix)Mike Dimes Feat. J.I.D

Quotable Lyrics:
This young boy from Texas so excuse my grammar
Big booty my standards, D’USSE and Fanta
If I’m in the scene, I’m flexin’ in the camera
Check my fellas, we all flock the same
We birds of the same feather
We together, this forever, switchin’ bezels, every level

Me and Cinco push that two-door coupe
Ain’t none of this sh*t rented
Servin’ vicious, f**k your favorite rapper
Hope he get offended
I was trippin’ off that hoe before, but promise I ain’t trippin’

I was trippin’ off them Ksubi jeans, but now my closet drippin’
Designer, got a bag and I couldn’t be prouder (Nah)
Drop a song and your status went nada (Nah)
In the booth if I’m tryna get proper (Yeah)
I was a schoolboy just tryna get collard greens

Homie outside with Alicia Keys
I make money from mics, they make money from fiends (Yeah)
Root of all evil, what got me them tickets at Regal
So f**k what’s illegal
I’m different, I really ain’t get a handout
I know half of these rappers were gimmicks (On gang)
I write my own lyrics, I bought my own pen
All them O’s buy my songs, screamin’ “F**k your opinion”

No need for a ni**a to say that I’m winnin’
It’s f**k everybody, the way I been feelin’
I got me a b*tch and my b*tch got a b*tch (On God, on God)
So they down for a threesome, ni**a (On God)