HOLY GHOST - Future,Like Me - Future Feat. Lil Baby & 42 Dugg,WAIT FOR U - Future Feat. Drake & Tems,Keep It Burnin - Future Feat. Kanye West


Quotable Lyrics:
Phantom like a cigarette boat, all this water on me
I was at my big truck, my wrist up, gettin’ my d*ck sucked
When I switch my wrist up, switch my car, switch my b*tch up

Every time I hit her, I broke her off then dismissed her
I been counting this paper all day, I’m getting blisters

Roadkill, every time I pop out in a new whip
Gettin’ you whacked, ni**as ain’t running off with my new drip
Rose set, white set, platinum set, overkill

Killed sh*t and the ni**a ain’t have nothing to do with it, over-drill
When you in the field and you innocent, why you over here?

Body count, protocol, thotty count, losing count
Swiss account, large amount, overseas, can’t pronounce
Sippin’ syrup in a fur, get my dog, walk him down

Details inside of the photo, my fit was twenty thou’
No miles, cashed out, put it up by the time it hit two thou’

Surfing in Hermès, I’m the one they call Pluto-ski
Mitski, I just went so deep I made her nose bleed
Lewinsky, she just gave me her throat inside the Rolls-y

If I OD, I’ma be on a Bentley spree, you must not know me
I gave her that dope, put her on the road, she was holy
Me and my lil’ woadie gettin’ it in, Japanese trend

Big top Maybach, Benz, buy ’em buy the twin
We got ’em locked in, boxed in, Glocks in

Alligator skin for my sins, I’m ’bout to win again
I know ni**as craving for bodies, ready to spin again

I get on my ten, ’bout my ends, ni**a, I’m locked in
Made an M to a ten, now I’m posted on the Forbes again
Only time I sell out, at the show, b*tch, I’m European