Quotable Lyrics:
Oh, girl, you’re shining
You know you’re my diamond
You need reminding
This moment of timing when your
Soul needs aligning
It’s me you confide in
Seeking and hiding
You know where to find me, babe

(You know where to find me, babe)

What’s it gonna be?
What we gonna do?
Here we go again
This ain’t nuttin’ new
I ain’t tryna run game but it’s true ’cause you
(Came and you made me feel)

You call me for help, you gotta chill
Need time for yourself, you gotta heal
This ain’t somethin’ you felt, it’s how you feel
(You came and you made me feel)

A’ight, we built this all wrong, I’ll takе blame
But instead of us tearing it down, wе’ll rearrange, baby
(Don’t let it fall)
Don’t let it fall girl, don’t let it fall

Don’t wanna fight no more
Keep me where I belong
I’ve tried and I’ve tried
But I just can’t hide from your love / New Music Release

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