Hi Haters - NBA YoungBoy

Hi HatersNBA YoungBoy

Quotable Lyrics:
And now I speak, gotta put my daughter to sleep
And just like Peak, I named my son after a G (They know)
Ain’t been respondin’ to these ni**as, I’m way more rich, I know they see (They see)
On my wife, I’m spendin’ millions and I put some diamonds on my wrist (Yeah-yeah)
I done made it out the cage (I done made it out the cage)
Saw me down, but I’m so up, I don’t give one f**k

God, I say, “Thank you”
Hit your artist wit’ them Ks (Hit your artist wit’ them Ks)
I don’t bother you, you pick on me
Just wait to see, b*tch, I’m gon’ spank you (Bah, bah)
Too many real estate, to thе rich, that’s embarrassment, but I’m big on it
Been on it, I get that monеy and I sit on it (Sit on it)

Nails got some paint up on ’em, but play know I’ll kill yo’ big homie
I got this Givenchy-branded chain, I’ll fit three-times your rent on it
Tell my mama, “Send a hundred, I’ma send it back” (I’ma send it back)
Throw a brick and hide ya hand, b*tch, you know I’ma get you whacked (I’ma get you whacked)
She tell Charleston White, “I’m a gangster who been misled wrong”
I just been leadin’ wrong, but if you ever need me, I’ll send ’em back (I’ll send ’em back)

To all the haters, I say, “Hey”
I made it through another day
I’m blessed, so how can I complain?
It ain’t one thing that they can say
I thank you Lord that I’m saved (Saved)

Look, all this money I done made
They won’t let me out the cage
Some hitters missed me wit’ them K’s

(Some ni**as missed me wit’ them K’s)
Know I put sh*t up behind lil’ Dave (Yeah)
But, bae, I changed, I was feelin’ played (Yeah)
Should’ve shot the b*tch up in his face (Yeah)

NBA YoungBoy