Quotable Lyrics:
When I grew up, criminal are my heroes
The beanie from New Jersey drive over my earlobes
From jump it was always f**k cops and the bureau
Mixing Casper, Herald Hunton and De Niro
Now with my kids and we watchin’ Olaf

And I’m like, “Damn, I used to wanna be like old dawg”
Tuck the D’USSÉ, D’USSÉ, under the goose, boostin’ y’all
Couple screws loose, cashier turns, poof, I’m gone
Seven, I heard NWA in the street,

from my older neighbor who was payin’, “F**k Da Police”
Livin’ right in graffiti, fifteen, I’m sellin’ weed
By sixteen, I had an MPC
It was [?]
That I wanted to grow up, sell drugs,
smoke, drink mad dawg and f**k
Wanted a windbreaker and some Eastbay kicks
Wanted the perm like DJ Quik

My mama said, “Ben, are you aware that your hair is thin”
But in my mind I was junior high, Iceberg Slim
Feelin’ fine, gettin’ high, spendin’ time with a b*tch
Takin’ Heineken sips, this as live as it gets, sh*t
But me, man, I wanted to be a [?]

Wanted to kick it with the people livin’ in the bando
I’m turnin’ James by the fountain where they panhandle
Runnin’ from the cops, pullin’ scandals, those where my heroes

Pick up the mic, put your money where your mouth is
Doin’ petty crimes, back in the days
Too much OE, tipsy off the whiskey

Pick up the, the, the, the mic, the, the, the mic
Put your money where your mouth is
Doin’ petty crimes, back in the days (Drink it, smoke it)
My clique is too great