Quotable Lyrics:
F**k all my b*tch’s old friends (Yeah, yeah)
Y’all let that girl f**k anybody (Oh, oh, yeah, yeah)
She out here catchin’ every body (Body)

Told her not to lean on anybody
Told her not be seen with anybody
It’s gon’ be so hard to claim back that body when I want it,
woah-oh-oh, oh-oh (Yeah, yeah)

Yeah, I was to take her out the game
Who’s to f**kin’ blame? What’s my f**kin’ name? (Yeah, PARTY)
Y’all was her model roles (Ooh), only let her do wrongs (Ooh)
On my name

I hate when a cute girl see a bad b*tch
And try to get the bad b*tch to do average sh*t, yeah
And on my name

Hate when a bad b*tch can act real dumb
Every time she throw a little tantrum
She wanna f**k another ni**a in vain, ooh
On my name

I can speak about it, real out loud
‘Cause I done f**ked these b*tches wearin’
these other rappers ni**as chains, I don’t tell you
I’m the H-N-I-C

I’m not from Spellman, I ain’t got to tell you what that mean
And I can sit right here, all out like the Source Awards
And then these ni**as come and show me love (Show me love)

But b*tches wet like Fiji when Big P step in the club (Club)
B*tches when they see me, oh, they greet me, show me love
I’m with b*tches wearin’ VVs, flawless, they don’t f**k with scrubs, yeah

But I just need my shawty back, yeah, yeah
Richer than I ever was
And when I call, pick up,
don’t let your friends answer, those b*tches broke