Hell - EST Gee

HellEST Gee

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, I don’t know you ni**a, you don’t know me, I’m from OT
Whenever I’m around it’s like the corner store sell more teas
As my reputation proceed it seem like more bleed
If I had one wish I turn my problems into codeine

Eight bands, thank god, amen, finesse for four piece
Times a hunnid, ni**a, I’m getting money, that’s on a humble
Straight from mumble, ni**as ain’t talking numbers, a real boss
Call me when it’s bought, I hate to talk to runners, close ya mouth
If you get caught yo silence don’t costs you nothing

I had nothing, straight from out the struggle
I’m talking bread and butter, Red’s brother
First one to love me when I knew they ain’t love me

Red dumping, know I’ma follow up, ain’t no damn running
Handcuff me, ain’t no cooperating, ain’t saying nothing
Saying something, I gotta gun for a ni**a to stand under

Yeah around applause
He turned a man a hunnid grand, he finally dropped his balls
Should I feel wrong, they said I came up off Fentanyl
I asked the streets and they said Gee you tripping hell nah
We all tryna ball, we all tryna win

And if I had another chance, I’ll probably win again
God if I’m wrong so bless yo dawg I’m finna sin again
And if I get another chance, I’m tryna win again
I’ll do this sh*t again