Heavy - Nigo & Lil Uzi Vert

HeavyNigo & Lil Uzi Vert

Quotable Lyrics:
I don’t think they ready (yeah)
And I know she know me, I push foreigns like they Chevys (what?)
She f**k with my opps, she do that sh*t to be petty (what? Petty, to be what?)
I still get the top in the club, b*tch, I’m too deady (yeah)
This Moncler I got on heavy (woo)
Heavy, heavy, heavy (woo)

Cullinan in that Rolls-Roycе truck (she called me in that Rolls-Royce truck, skrrt)
Heavy, heavy, heavy
Ain’t nobody fly as us (fly as us, yeah)
Heavy, heavy (fly as us), heavy (fly as us)
And you know I got it tucked
Heavy (grrah, baow), heavy (Harriet Tubman), Glocky (Harriet Tubman, baow, yeah)