Tequila Shots - Kid Cudi Produced by Dot Da Genius & Take A Daytrip

Heaven On Earth – Kid Cudi

Quotable Lyrics: Heaven On Earth – Kid Cudi

No, I ain’t got time for no f*ckers, no fakes
Rager mode, see I’m stuck in my ways
Strappin’ in with the troops and my syndicate
Swear to God, get the f*ck out my face, ni**a (Yeah)
At it, we kill ’em, we clean ’em up
Tell these ni**as they finished, no eulogy
This the sh*t they been missin’, now raise ’em high

Been doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it (Perfect, perfect)
Wanted the lights my whole life (Yeah)
Coulda gonе bad, could be trife
Lotta good ni**as got caught in the fight (Ni**a)
No, this ain’t cinеma, psych (Yeah)
Realest of realest now off in the night
Catchin’ him pullin’ up
I might be hoppin’ out with somethin’ fit, she thick
My b*tch, she murder ’em