Headshots - Tobe Nwigwe Feat. D Smoke

Headshots – Tobe Nwigwe Feat. D Smoke

Quotable Lyrics: Headshots – Tobe Nwigwe Feat. D Smoke

Look, coast to coast my approach to the quotes ain’t the most grandiose
But to commodes, I’m still the hot caca
Top shottas and Glock poppers, know I spit hot lava
In hopes to hear a verse that may can stop trauma
Or at least ease the pain

‘Cause where I’m from kappas don’t flip cane, drug dealers do
And if it just so happen that you hear some cappin’
And your partners let it rain, you a killer too
You know, guilty by association
Flow filthy, how I’m still me yet forgo degradin’
The ones who hold the essence of maternity
Fervently, use my vocal chords to show you currency
Is low-key found in respect for women
Not having hoes in line like connect 4, ouu