Haunt Me - Kofi Feat. 2KBABY

Haunt MeKofi Feat. 2KBABY

Quotable Lyrics:
But I got an issue
‘Cause I don’t see my future ‘less it’s with you
Thousand different words to say I miss you
It breaks my heart that I can’t get you back no more

You’re living rent free inside of my head
I can’t get used to this space in my bed
Guess you could say that I’m lonely
But my memories with you, they haunt me

Got monsters in my head and freaks in my bed
Can’t fall asleep, I’ma sleep when I’m dead
Starting to feel like a zombie
‘Cause my memories with you, they haunt me

And I know, I know, I know
That you’re gone but I can’t let you go
Broke your heart but you left with my soul
You were half of what made me a whole

I know, I know I try
But I can’t get you back in my life
Don’t know why I still see you at night

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