Wasting Angels - Post Malone Feat. The Kid LAROI,I Cannot Be (A Sadder Song) - Post Malone Feat. Gunna,I Like You (A Happier Song) - Post Malone Feat. Doja Cat

HatefulPost Malone

Quotable Lyrics:
You’re worse than cigarettes, you light a fire
Got me coughin’ out my heart
Yeah, you’re the type to try to throw my ass in jail
Just because I was alive

Honey, you ain’t no angel, you know lovin’ is fatal
You get off on betrayal, I guess we are the same though
We could’ve taken this sh*t all the way to Mars
If we just played our parts, but

Love is f**kin’ hateful, hateful
Why is it you want me dead?
Callin’ me unfaithful, ‘faithful
But you know who you dealin’ with
How am I supposed to lay low, lay low
When things are so beyond repair?
Love is f**kin’ hateful, hateful, to say

You should know that she was just another face
I was tryna get a taste
Put yourself inside my shoes
Don’t you say, “I need you to give me space”

Honey, you ain’t no angel, you know lovin’ is fatal
You get off on betrayal, I guess we are the same though
Maybe sh*t would be a little different, babe
If I kept my ass in place, but

Post Malone…

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