Proud Of Me - Fredo Bang Feat. Money Man

Hard 4 UFredo Bang

Quotable Lyrics:
I got a bad b*tch, I don’t need another (bad b*tch, I don’t need another)
Her skin smooth and brown like peanut butter (peanut butter)
She tell me come, you know I’m on the double (oh-oh)
She t-t-t-t-t-t-t (she thick)

Like Chose, she make me stutter (make me stutter)
That pu**y good, don’t disrespect me
Talkin’ ’bout puttin’ on a rubber (b*tch, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I buy you a brand new bracelet custom made by Icebox (I)
You too beautiful, bae, I can’t fuck you with the lights off (I)
That pu**y so cold, I swear to God it’s like a icebox
I might buy a ring and lock you down just like a white cop, ooh

That pu**y like mashed potatoes
Every time we f**k, I say, “Let’s have a baby” (ah)
I f**k, I f**k with you because you far from basic
Ca-Can’t post yo’ picture they gon’ start the hatin’
Ooh, my d*ck only get hard for you
Yeah, and I say ooh, yeah, my d*ck only get hard for you