Hanging With Wolves - Lil Durk

Hanging With WolvesLil Durk

Quotable Lyrics:
They in my business, they tryna treat me like a menace,
they tryna turn me down
You know I’m different,
I’m walking around with my skinnies,
I’m Saint Laurent down
Saying “he stable”

that ni**a had got off the table,
so we had to calm down
Come to the ‘Raq with a rack,
you think I’m dramatic, you ni**as get shot down
Went outta town, they say I had a warrant for a murder,
that shit gotta die down

I’m like ta-da, nigga had put up his work,
that ni**a had got down
Can’t hide no body around,
can’t hide no thotty around, ’cause ni**as gon’ bail out
When he was balling, I had to go sit down
and wait on my turn before we had fell out

And I was standing my ground,
I ain’t have nobody around, I’m fighting assault
I had a deadly weapon,
I had a Smith and Weston, but I got caught
I got Sam for all my cases,
you know damn well he getting me off

Better do hair and nails,
you better go pull off a scam to get me out
I done did street shit to a street ni**a
and every time I ain’t get caught
I had a best friend with a best friend,

she a lesbian on dope
I got my gas in, I went to the Westin,
I ain’t go to the Trump
Keep it a buck, I was just listening to Gucci
and Jeezy, I ain’t listen to Pump
You a killer, you ride with wolves,

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