Hall Of Fame - Young Dolph

Hall Of FameYoung Dolph

Quotable Lyrics:
They say I’m showing out, they say I should be ashamed (Ayy)
I don’t do it for the clout, b*tch, I do it for the gang (Ayy)
You can walk in any trap and I bet they know my name (Yeah)

Frank Matthews of the South, put me in the hall of fame (Fame),
fame (Fame), fame (Fame), fame (Fame), fame
Add it to my bank account, b*tch, and you can keep the fame (Yeah),

fame (Yeah), fame (Yeah), fame (F**k all that)
I met my b*tch one day, the next day,
her life was never the same (For real, though)

Told her your family my family,
but all of your friends ain’t my friends (Uh-uh)
Now here, take the keys to this Benz (Here, take that)
I remember back when I ain’t have nothing, so,
yeah, I’ma ball ’til the end (Woo)

I remember I stacked my first hundred bands,
I said I’m finna do this again (Run it up), hah
I see you ni**as goin’ broke tryna keep up with me (I see you)
Bad boy spendin’ millions out here like I’m signed to Diddy (It’s Dolph)
Showed up plain jane Rolex, had a meeting with Roc Nation (Okay)

But they got ’bout four, five, six rap ni**as over there that be hatin’ (On God)
But I still f**k with Jigga, tell him I got two million for him (For what?)
To do a verse, and if he don’t, I still got love for him (On God)
Cuz went to college hoopin’, stayin’ in the dorm (What else?)

I was still at mama house sleepin’ on the floor (For real, though)
I ran up a quarter million and was still (What?), sleepin’ on the floor (Okay)
The type of ni**a have a million at a stash house and act like I’m broke (Okay)
When I was sixteen, I said, “It ain’t even about me no more” (Yeah)
It’s PRE on my chest, this a multi-million dollar logo (Yeah, yeah)