H2H*e - CupcakKe


Quotable Lyrics:
Come and motorboat me today
Titties sittin’ like Rolling Ray
Hit it twice, double-tap this page
Make the pu**y stretch like minimum wage (Haha, ha, haha)
Kill the pu**y, ni**a, dig its grave
I’m an accomplice, may I just say
Actin’ like I like him ’til he pay

‘Cause mortgage ain’t free, man, okay?
I’m such a motherf**kin’ freak (Uh-huh)
Snatchin’ daddy’s soul like Tariq (Oh)
Tall ni**a, let me climb the tree
Chiropractor, from the back he bеat (Ooh, ooh)
Drain the d*ck, I put it in a drought
Jenga game, hе hate pullin’ out (Out)
I’ma skate after we f**k

So, on the d*ck I just roll, bounce
And I’m poppin’, and I’m poppin’, and I’m poppin’ this twat
F**k a two-hand twist, I got the d*ck on lock
I just make a ni**a shiver when I swallow every drop
I look up, ni**a shakin’ like he NLE Chopp
Then that d*ck bust a nut in my eyes when I wake up
It’s serving UK Black girl makeup
Throat full of little babies, wait, wait, bruh
Shout out to Jayda Wayda