H Spot - Lil Poppa Feat. Yo Gotti

H SpotLil Poppa Feat. Yo Gotti

Quotable Lyrics:
They call this b*tch the hell hole, it’s bammin’ like a H spot (A H spot)
Tryna dodge them cell doors, me and my ni**as hate cops (We hate cops)
Better go get some money while you out here tryna make opps (Make opps)
If you ain’t having straight drop, how you gon’ shut down they spot? (They spot)

Shortstop ni**a, I was right there when the dope dry (The dope dry)
No lie, ni**a, I was right there when the coke was high (Coke was high)
Get the bag and don’t subtract, you always add and multiply (And multiply)
God forgive me for this and that but if he lack, he ‘posed to die (He ‘posed to die)

You get your chance, you ‘posed to try (You ‘posed to try)
Oh, he killed your mans? You ‘posed to ride (You ‘posed to ride)
He dissed again, tell him post it now (Huh)
The price get cheaper every more you buy (Every more you buy)
I go to hell, I’m ‘posed to fry

Better kill every ni**a that’s supposed to die (Supposed to die)
F**k the playoffs, boy, I need a trophy now, better go slide soon as you notified (As you notified)
Draco shorty ain’t even twenty-one and they gon’ let the court decide (The court decide)
They say no Dracos on us ’til we twenty-one but how we gon’ survive? (We gon’ survive)
But f**k it, I need no reminder, say you forgot, must I remind you?
Same ni**as, you be on Insta’ tryin’ be the same ni**as that’ll come and find you