Gunshot - Jim Jones, Hitmaka ft. BEAM

GunshotJim Jones, Hitmaka ft. BEAM

Quotable Lyrics:
Soon as we step out (Uh), dem check out
Find wah dem deh ’bout
Soon as we step out, dem check out
Find wah dem deh ’bout
Gunshot (Uh, Capo)

Rude boy, might lick a shot pon ’em
Run up in the dealer, I might get the drop on ’em (Give me that)
Ni**as gettin’ killed once we get the drop on ’em (Grrt)
Catch him in the whip, you know he got the chop’ on him (Uh)
I be jumpin’ out the roof like that ni**a Birdie

Catch me sittin’ in the coupe with that big .30
I just got the car washed, but that sh*t is dirty
Motherf**ker, we ain’t scared, all my ni**as sturdy (What’s up?)
Lil’ b*tch, I got two hundred on my neck now (Facts)

And they can trip or we can trip and take a jet down
God body in wide bodies with big watches
Got young ni**as, them dumb ni**as got big choppas