Guillotine - Wheezy Feat. Future & Yo Gotti

Guillotine – Wheezy Feat. FutureYo Gotti

Quotable Lyrics: Guillotine – Wheezy Feat. FutureYo Gotti

I made the b*tch disappear like Houdini
She ride on me just like the new Lamborghini
Took a few links out the Rolex, I feel like a god, [?] Jeezy
Everywhere I go b*tches call me a king
Count so much money gotta bring the machine
Sticks like Hibachi the one with the beam

F and N out look at agency
Sleepin’ on me, crank the car with no kеy
Usually I’m pourin’ up exotic tea
Drinkin’ on O with a bad lil’ freak
Trappin’ [?] got thе white in green
Coast to coast, flippin’ exotic teams
I hit your hoe in the trap with the lean
Have one hell of time whenever we link
Haulin’ our way to the Philippines