Grateful - Black Thought & El Michels Affair

GratefulBlack Thought & El Michels Affair

Quotable Lyrics:
Three for the money, two for the hustle and one for the
Night time spread over the city like a comforter
Prime time for the predators who come to hunt for the chumps
Carryin’ them high notes like a trumpeter

They shoot straight as arrows and run through the shadows
As sons of a gun or dirty young caballeros
With marks on their collars where they hung from the gallows
They’re nuts for the dollars, keep ’em red like the tarots
Makin’ feinds, influencin’ people

Dale Carnegie’s with big dreams to get rich quick that fail horribly
Now they play the avenue of Amsterdam
With other pick pockets and thieves and gambling men
And they just come at all the noodles where resistance is futile

Business as usual, blow out your wig like French Poodles
Never endin’ pursuit of the American dream
“Winner takes everything” is still a regular theme, listen