Key Glock - Grammys

GrammysKey Glock

Quotable Lyrics:
They say I look just like my mama but I act just like my daddy
Yup, I’m straight out the trap, I figured out how to live lavish (Yeah)
All these b*tches love me, most of these ni**as can’t stand me
Real trapper, slash rapper, ni**a, yup, I been had GRAMMYs
Uh, trappin’ out my granny’s, I hit broccoli, I had candy, yup
Hundred racks in my fanny pack and a thirty round under my jacket, yup
Look at my gang, they addin’ up, the opps like, “Man, he ain’t lettin’ up”
Bad lil’ b*tch with a natural bust, said she wanna f**k me in the back of my truck

But I told her, “I don’t pay to f**k”
I don’t love you more than my cup
Uh, take my chain, ni**a, try your luck
Uh, diamonds on me, sayin’, “Knuck if you buck”
Uh, baguette, AP, hockey puck (Ice)
I told these ni**as, “I don’t give no f**ks” (Uh-uh)
I told these b*tches, I don’t give two f**ks” (Uh-uh)
And no, I trust nobody but my guts (My guts)