Gotta Move On - Diddy Feat. Bryson Tiller

Gotta Move OnDiddy Feat. Bryson Tiller

Quotable Lyrics:
She don’t want my love, I guess I gotta move on
Yeah, oh yeah (Oh yeah), oh yeah (Oh nah, woah)
Oh but, if she don’t want my love, I guess I gotta move on

Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah, oh no (Come on)
If she don’t want my love, I’m guessin’ I gotta move on, I guess
I guess, I guess, I came a little too strong, I guess
She don’t want my love, I guess I got move on I guess (Gotta movе on)

I tried, I done triеd to give it all to you, baby
Brand new Mercedes, a newborn baby, yeah
And I told you your love too lazy, damn
All you had to do was love me, baby, yeah

Man, it gets so frustrating, yeah
Why you wanna go and text me, baby? Yeah
Degrade me and tell me I’m failing, yeah
Keep tellin’ me things like

You done tryin’ with me, done fightin’ with me, yeah
Gave you a ring, I was goin’ off the deep end, yeah
Oh, DeLeón, my drink for the weekend

Sent you some things, yeah, when I was done drinkin’, like
Girl, he with you for the wrong reasons ’cause you was with me
Uh, tell him, “Stop reachin'” (Stop reachin’)
Guess that’s just the jealous in me

I’m salty, I need it, my wounds keep bleeding
You found a new man, so I gotta move on
Guess you got a new agenda, but you know you barely know, I won’t
Said you’re wrong, guess you had to move on
On, on, on, on, said she