Got Me DreamingKristina Murrell

Quotable Lyrics: Got Me Dreaming

Up Nights, Seeing highlights when I’m thinkin bout your love
I might run a red light when I’m feenin for your touch
Got me Dreamin……
Got me Dreamin……
We could …Slide off with the top off no destination in mind
So high off your vibe you elevating my mind
Got me Dreamin……
Got me Dreamin……

What we could be…

Got me so excited
Whispering that you like it
I’m In control don’t fight it

Weekends , when we sleep in , till the evening got you open
loving with my best friend diving deep in like the ocean,

Make moments that last forever
Down to ride for whatever
Just you and I no pressure
no pressure , baby

Tell me you want what I want
You say you need it like I don’t
Can’t lie you got me Dreamin

About Kristina Murrell

The new Album, ‘Passion & Pain  by Bridgetown (Barbados) born R&B singer Kristina Murrell, reaches #1 on the R&B/Soul iTunes charts in Barbados and is available on all major streaming platforms!

Kristina Murrell is a R&B recording artist whose debut album just released Valentines Day of this year. The Bridgetown (Barbados) born singer has always had a natural affinity for music. After moving to the United States at the age of fifteen to pursue her education, Kristina recognized her musical potential whilst taking a choir class.

“Music has become one of the most important things in the world to me. I want to make great music for the world.” says Kristina.

Not long after, American record producer and songwriter Sonny King discovered Kristina’s natural talent during an audition for the Record Label and Charity organization Music For Love. Once the connection was made, Kristina Murrell began working with Sonny at his recording studio in Greensboro, NC. After signing a production deal with Music By King Inc., the young artist landed a record deal with Music For Love.

Although she receives creative inspiration from a number of artists such as fellow Barbados born superstar Rihanna, Kristina Murrell combines a variety of stylistic elements to form her unique sound. In addition to her musical pursuits, Kristina has a successful modeling career and studies business in college. With over eighteen thousand five hundred followers on Instagram alone, there is no denying the fact that Kristina Murrell has already cultivated a dedicated following prior to her debut release.

A music review written by the popular music blog writes:
The debut single, ‘Got Me Dreaming’ by Kristina Murrell, is available to stream on all major streaming platforms ! The single lasts around three and half minutes and sits at a steady 107bpm. The track commences with a three second introduction that features stylistically panned vocalizations; building a sense of anticipation for the instigation of the proceeding verse.

“Kristina’s vocal color is clean and emotive; seamlessly synchronizing with the smooth flow of the instrumental accompaniment. The implementation of a subtle vocal delay, check out 0:38 to 0:45, adds a depth to the overall sound without detracting from the prominence of the melody.
The beat kicks in at the 0:04 mark and amalgamates with the catchy piano progression, foundational bass line and synth layers to form the perfect platform for the main vocal. The rhythmic beat systematically drops out of the mix, check out 1:50 to 2:00, providing just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that the single is engaging from start to finish.

By the time this track draws to a close, you’ll find yourself humming along with the catchy hook and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen.
From the well balanced production and creative instrumentation, to the impressive vocal performance, fans of Kristina Murrell, as well as those who appreciate new and creative music, will definitely want to hear this single.”

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