Goofies - Babyface Ray Feat. Digga D

GoofiesBabyface Ray Feat. Digga D

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, look at who they call gang (Who?), ni**as goofy than a b*tch though
Throwin’ dirt on my name (Why?), must be f**kin’ your b*tch, huh?
Prayin’ on my downfall (Why?), sick as hell ’cause I’m lit now
Still screamin’, “F**k rap,” (Why?) change the country for the hip-hop

Ni**a walkin’ in with gang, shut the b*tch down like Rayford did, don’t play with his
He was raised like Bebe kids
Key in a whip like Day-Day, b*tch
F**k your Lamb’, I’m in SRT8, b*tch
F**k your ho, wouldn’t date that b*tch
Walk in, steal the show, know you hate that sh*t
I’ma grab ten K ‘fore they play my sh*t
Beast in the еast

Rappin’, I’m deep in the streets
All you ni**as keepin’ the peacе
All you ni**as eatin’ the freaks
Know I got a girl, ain’t no sleepin’ with me
This sh*t like, got eight G’s on me, Hutch is freezin’ the piece

Tell me freeze, please, we gone, we out
I hope ni**as holdin’ it down
That’s why we ain’t f**k with no clown
Too much drip, this lil’ bitty b*tch gon’ drown
That lil’ boy sh*t out of style

She calling me foul, but how? She keepin’ the child
I just jumped deep in the crowd
Turnt up with them, touch my piece, you will die
Givin’ all praise to Allah
Iced up, baby, Wocky in my ba-ba
Covert thugging

Sticks when we in here clubbing
Rich ni**a sh*t, don’t touch it
This sh*t busting
Ice my teeth, my buffies
Paid amounts for it in Kentucky
Good guy, Chucky

Ni**a wanna play, then we thumping
Spot on fire, it’s jumping
Say she love me
Really just tryna get lucky
‘Cause she know a ni**a get money