Good Movie - Pi'erre Bourne

Good MoviePi’erre Bourne

Quotable Lyrics:
(Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) Yeah
Yeah, he’s not like that (In yo’ system)
That boy not like that (In yo’ system), hey, mm, ayy

My life’s a good movie, yeah, yeah (In yo’ system)
‘Cause she be so into me, yeah, yeah, ayy
I gave her my room key, yeah, yeah

Take the elevator to me, yeah, yeah, ayy
She been tryna use me, yеah, yeah
So, I fuck her how I usually, yeah, yеah, huh

Feel like Elon Musk, ayy, I could raise yo’ stocks, ayy
Pull up in a truck, ayy, we gon’ wrap the block, yeah
Rollie on my left, ayy, gotta keep a clock, ayy

Grinding to my death, ayy, so I never stop
Ayy, my money look like blue cheese, yeah, yeah
Bitch, I’m ballin’ like the Drew League, yeah, yeah

She’s a Pokémon, she choose me, yeah, yeah
She gon’ kick it like I’m Bruce Lee, yeah, yeah