Good Love - City Girls Feat. Usher

Good LoveCity Girls Feat. Usher

Quotable Lyrics:
You say, yeah, you say that you want good love (I do)
And girl, I can give it to you (Give it to me)
Wanna lay down, make you fall in love
All the freaky things that I can do (Ooh)
I can freak you ’til the mornin’ (Damn)

Get on top and ride on it
Eighty ways, I’ll keep you comin’
Any way that you want it (Uh)
I can freak you in the daytime

If you’re up or late night (Or no)
I’ma let you control it (Yeah)
Any way that you want it
I can freak you (City Girl shit)

Pull up lookin’ too good
Too hood, on my star shit (I am)
Showin’ my coochie print (Yeah)
Crop top, no bra, bitch (Hah)
Gon’ head, pat me down (Pat me down)

To the table, sit me down (Let’s go)
In the middle of the crowd (Right now)
Okay, let’s order rounds
Bring out that Ace of Spades, DeLeón and lemonade (Ayy)

Sit me centre stage and watch me do my thing
Like don’t stop, get it, get it, ooh, ooh, hit it, hit it
Look back, swirl, twist it, we just some city bitches