Good Days - SZA

Good Days – SZA

Quotable Lyrics: Good Days – SZA

Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out
Get some air now, let your edge out
Too soon, I spoke
You be heavy in my mind, can you get the heck out?
I need rest now, got me bummed out
You so, you so, you
Baby, baby, babe
I’ve been on my empty mind sh*t

I try to keep from losin’ the rest of me
I worry that I wasted the best of me on you, baby
You don’t care
Said, not tryna be a nuisance, it’s just urgent
Tryna make sense of loose change
Got me a war in my mind
Gotta let go of weight, can’t keep what’s holding me
Choose to watch while the world break up and fall on me