Space Rabbit - Freddie Gibbs, Gold Rings - Freddie Gibbs ft. Pusha T,Dark Hearted - Freddie Gibbs Produced by James Blake

Gold RingsFreddie Gibbs ft. Pusha T

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, yeah, CoKane (Hahaha)
You feel that? (If you’re my down-ass b*tch)
Yeah-yeah (Uh, yeah, down-ass b*tch)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

No gold rings, this sh*t just my main squeeze
Coming to the crib, breaking down a set of keys
Back in the days, I admit, I had some issues (Yeah)
Two twelve on the chase, I jumped out, I crashed the rental

But you my down-ass b*tch (Yeah)
The one that’d never f**k up or snitch
I fleed the scene, a hit and run, I left the Glock with the switch
Police gon’ press you, we got lawyers, baby, don’t tell ’em sh*t (Don’t say shit)
And I be rock-rock-rockin’ ’til the cops come knockin’ at my

College girl, got her stressin’, she got a jail record (Damn)
I put the Range in her name and I’m f**kin’ up her credit
The judge gave her probation, he had knots in her stomach

After the case, she wiped her Instagram and changed her number (The f**k?)
Damn, b*tch, thought we was gang, I would’ve killed for her (you running with this ni**a?)
Ex ni**a got you engaged, that ni**a kneeled for her

Heartbreak most thug ni**as ain’t built for it
Tears steady droppin’ ’til the cops come knockin’ at my / New Music Release

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