Goin Up - Lil Tjay

Goin UpLil Tjay

Quotable Lyrics:
Goin’ up, up, up, up, up, up, started on the corner (Up)
Bently Truck, red guts, couple milli’ up, could’ve been a goner (Up)
I put on for my city, youngins wanna do it, this ain’t no persona (Up)
Richard Mille on my wrist, oh sh*t, ni**a, you say what you wanna (Grrt, baow)

I was real from the start, still kinda hard, no love for informers
Been a real nigga, still a real ni**a, they still think I’m a performer
Focus, I better my life (Yeah), ain’t have no place on that corner (No)
They so, so mad, so, so mad, but I’ma keep goin’ up
Trap for a livin’ (Trap), I was flippin’ that pack for a livin’ (Pack, pack)
Who would of thought it’d be rap for a livin’? Back in the day I was packin’ a Smith & (Grrt, baow)
Make up my mind, then passin’ the vision
Who put the block on the maddest petition? (Me)

I ain’t even finna act what it isn’t
I’m sturdy, gotta move with tactical decisions
Broski really good at scorin’, shootin’ while it’s pourin’
He ain’t good at passin’ precision