Quotable Lyrics:
Man, I’m f**ked up
B*tch, I f**ked up
Look up to sky
Tell me why
I’ma f**k up

Man, I buck up
Got my buck up
Reminisce on times I f**kin’
struggled, now I’m lucked up

B*tch, you f**kin’ with the kid,
I’m never turning my back
I’ma keep it pushing ’cause the

mothaf**kas bumpin’ my tracks
The pu**y pull up and I put a
f**kin’ bat to his cap
And I get him fed to rats

Never need ’em
Chasin’ the stats
I electrify
Really wanna make it
out the mothaf**kin’ mud

A brother comin’ alive
It’s a matter of time
’Til I’m really makin’ it I find
I never really wanna be one to die

I try
To rewind
But I gotta fight the fine line
It’s finite
Thinkin’ ’bout a night that I might

Grip the knife
Slice it right
Through the windpipe
Take a mothaf**ka to
the back and tell ’em goodbye