God Bless The 6 - Icewear Vezzo ft. Babyface Ray

God Bless The 6Icewear Vezzo ft. Babyface Ray

Quotable Lyrics:
Left wrist icy as sh*t, I be poppin’ my sh*t
Keep blicks, I be ’round the 6
Dancin’, Audemars Piguet be flashin’

Clear VVS stones shine bright than a b*tch
Glock 19, poured, got a pop full of lean
Big chop, we ain’t fightin’ for sh*t

Hundred right in the clip
Spend dog sh*t every vibe
T’d up, keep pipe in the Bent’

Two h*es stuffed in the back, keep quotin’ my raps
To tеll ’em let ’em fight for thе d*ck (Yeah)
Little ni**a keep sendin’ shots, told him stop with the cap

Hit his h*e ’cause she tight on the rent
It’s a movie, look at the life that I live
Sparklers on Sprites, took a pint off in LIV

She suckin’ and slobbin’, she might need a bib
Penthouse for thotties, gave wifey the crib

Got more pape’ than them ni**as
Ni**as f**ked up, they finished, we ain’t savin’ no ni**as
Rich ni**a, everything bust
Quarter M on a Richard, hit Hutch, two-eighty on Cubans

Dog go stupid
Spend dog sh*t at Phipps, plain rose, go crazy on ni**as
I ain’t cuffin’ no h*e, I done hit every bad b*tch walkin’
On gang, I’m just waitin’ on Nicki