Goals - YoungBoy Never Broke Again

GoalsYoungBoy Never Broke Again

Quotable Lyrics:
I took the top off the motherf**kin’ coupe
They closed the door, but I still made it through
Flooded my neck, look how much I done grew
Overtime for to make sure that I don’t lose
Run it up with my partner, give a lot to my mama
Doin’ bad, but I know that it’s a lot for me to do

I was tired of doing the same thing
Got serious, then I changed lanes
They knowin’ that we bust brains
But ain’t why I’m inside in chains
Put my focus in the main business
Lookin’ for a half a ticket plane

Tryna find somethin’ that fit the description of my pain
My name to some people ain’t looked over
Go find you somethin’ to look over
Since young, never been a pushover
Got the bag like a book holder
Ni**a, you gon’ make me mad and we gon’ spin on ’em
Did the dash inside a Lamb’ and then he crash