Sky - Playboi Carti

Go2DaMoon – Playboi Carti Feat. Kanye West

Quotable Lyrics: Go2DaMoon – Playboi Carti Feat. Kanye West

Do it…
Watch it…
Do it how I…
Watch it…

She ugly hot
Like a chick that call you to borrow
Five hunnid, then promise she gon’ pay you back tomorrow
Then left with a scammer with a Gucci hat from Marshall’s
Slept with him, then woke up, saw his watch was a Fossil
Everybody wear a costume, spray a little extra perfume

YEEZYs in the stock room, that’s the name, make the stock boom
Hit the club with at least ten, you in a 500, that’s a cheap Benz
I promise Playboi we get the tape out ‘fore the weekend
It’s over, too famous to sneak in
Wolverine in a sheep skin, I be goin’ off the deep end