If Harlem had a king that'd be a no-brainer (Jones said that) Pour the water from the base through an old strainer (Strainer) Start talking 'bout that base, I mean that cocaina (Aye) If I'm drawin' at your face, but I ain't a painter (Shoot that shit up) Just like Picasso, nigga, I could make the picture vivid (You see that?),Just Another Rapper - Dave East & Harry Fraud Produced by Harry Fraud,Uncle Ric - Dave East Feat. Benny The Butcher Produced by Harry Fraud

Go OffDave East Feat. G Herbo Produced by Harry Fraud

Quotable Lyrics:
Ni**as don’t want me to go off (Go off)
Yola on us, got the blow off (Blow off)
Smokin’, stressin’, you had blow up (Blow up)
Now I’m gettin’ head watchin’ Ozark (Woo)
Addicted to lean, I would pour up (Pour up)
You run up on me, it’s gon’ go up (Boom)
Dirty ni**as, we had no bucks (None)
Now we travel the world, f**k the globe up (Vroom)
It’s hard to be sober (Uh)