Quotable Lyrics:
Okay, now f**k that, go again, okay
I’ma let her do a thing on the
internet and f**k that h*e’ again

It’s too hot right now, we can’t
ride around with all of that
F**k that, load ’em in (Yeah)

Baby On Baby 2, ni**a, this the intro
Everybody turnt at my shows again

Yeah, b*tch, I’m still number one,
what the f**k ni**as thought? (What ni**as think?)
This b*tch right here bulletproof
I got a M in this b*tch, it’s a motherf**kin’ bar (It’s a M)
I could still get you hit, I’m the boss (Yeah)

Shit, he ain’t never knew
Know how many times a ni**a fell down and shook off a loss? (I ain’t trippin’)
I’m somewhere with somethin’ fine
Givin’ her d*ck on the couch with my d*ck in your mouth
These ni**as h*es, I’m all the way round (All the way up)

All this sh*t ni**as’ braggin’ ’bout
Ni**a, I ain’t trippin’ on that, ’cause I bought it already
All my h*еs call me they daddy
I’m in the drivе-thru, a Chick-fil-A breakfast in the Rolls Royce
Askin’ for condoms, it’s heavy

I just got mad at the ni**a (What the f**k, man?)
‘Cause he gave me grape and I asked him for strawberry jelly (What the f**k, man?)
B*tch, doin’ too much, hope you have a good day (What happened?)
She quit playin’, I roll and I cut ’em

Come through with her, I thought I had me a bae
Can’t help it, b*tch, I keep it gutter
B*tch, I’m a gentleman
I put this Louis V jacket on the ‘Gram just to cover up her

But you ain’t finna play with me, you know it’s Baby
Gon’ f**k on them h*es and gon’ get him some money, ni**a
Yeah, Baby On Baby 2