Zeus - Eminem

Gnat – Eminem Produced by D.A. Doman

Quotable Lyrics: Gnat – Eminem Produced by D.A. Doman

They say these bars are like COVID (Bars are like COVID)
You get ’em right off the bat (You get ’em right off the bat)
Infected with SARS and Corona (Infected with SARS and Corona)
Like you took a bite off of that (Damn)
And it goes from martian to human (Yeah)
That’s how the virus attacks (That’s how the virus attacks)
They come at me with machine guns (Brr)
Like trying to fight off a gnat

Still stackin’ my chips, hoes, higher than Shaq on his tiptoes
Atop the Empire State Buildin’, this shit is like child’s play, children
I will not annihilate, kill them, I’ll fuck around and pile еight million
Dead little juvenilеs, wait, chill, then, I’ll await my trial date ’til then
Ain’t nothin’ you say can ever trump (Nah), mic, pencil get killed (Yeah)
If you’re hypersensitive, I wasn’t referencin’ the vice president, chill (Chill)
I mean my penmanship at times tends to get ill, violence but with skill