Give You What You Want - Lil Tjay

Give You What You WantLil Tjay

Quotable Lyrics:
I’ll do whatever to spoil you
Trippin’ ’bout you like I’m runnin’ on oil
You a queen, your whole demeanor is royal
I just wanna caress, rough sex, break you down and adore you
But first, let me know what’s on your mind

You lookin’ like it’s somethin’ wrong, I can see the signs
I ain’t here to judge you, truly, I’m honestly not the kind
So perfect, I’m a player, but for you, I’ll get in line
The type of vibe I’d still gon’ fall in love with bein’ blind
Don’t know how to approach, heard you got a man, damn, I’m a fan

Really am, just don’t wanna do the most
You got me in my feelings, latе night, writtin’ in my notes
Like, “Girl, I’m rich, I’m pretty surе he in a different boat”
Wanna take your time? No problem, girl, that’s fine

I understand it’s probably many out there want you, I’m
Not the only one, trust me, I ain’t dumb
But I’ma keep applyin’ pressure ’til you don’t see nothin’

I just wanna show you that I can do better
Baby, I won’t stop
‘Til you let me give you what you want
‘Til you let me give you what you want