Ghetto Gospel 3 - Sauce Walka

Ghetto Gospel 3Sauce Walka

Quotable Lyrics:
Broken hearts makin’ million dollar launching pads
I’m from a neighborhood where ni**as’ attitude is f**k a dad
Where ni**as only dream is to ball and stunt with sh*t they never had
But all they end up with is two baby mamas and a Jag

Weighin’ bags while the neighbors pass, hopin’ it double fast
Re-up with your rent money, f**k it up, your ass potato mash
And from the past, f**k ups you done had, it ain’t no frontin’ bags
Stress awake the evil, now he hittin’ his homeboys for cash
No mask, just settin’ up scenes, he got an acting class

Ni**a get robbed with you and act mad then go and count your cash
Sh*t sad, make you wish murder was an app on iPad
Download and press one button and kill your roach ass
My lil’ ni**a got three stripes, he ain’t tuckin’ no flags
Ever punched a tough ni**a, made him tell jokes like Sinbad

Walked around your enemy’s hood strapped like gym pads
Caught everything I done did, smashed on they b*tch ass
Heard buddy got killed for his h*e, he loved the b*tch ass