Get In Dere - Doe Boy & Southside Feat. 42 Dugg & Babyface Ray

Get In Dere – Doe BoySouthside Feat. 42 Dugg & Babyface Ray

Quotable Lyrics:

Wrap a baby mama at the spot gettin’ her back broke (Uh)
All these pills I pop, what the f*ck I’m gon’ relax for? (Uh)
Ni**as be like “Doe a b*tch”, but he got them racks though
All that sneak dissin’, that’s why f*ck ni**as get slapped for
Used to slide in minivans now it’s Bentley coupes (Skrrt)

Never had sh*t, now these b*tches choosing ’cause I got some Jimmy Chu (Mwah)
Boy you better not start with my gang, they gon’ finish you (Gang, gang)
Just had a talk with God, told him forgive me what I spin on dude (Boom, boom)
Percies got me tweaking, ni**a, I ain’t in the mood (Tweak, tweak, tweak) / New Music Release

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