Get Close - Ari Lennox

Get CloseAri Lennox

“Get Close” by the talented artist Ari Lennox is a soulful and seductive R&B track that encapsulates the essence of intimacy and desire. The song has been well-received since its release, marking her first solo offering of 2023. Produced by Wu10 and DZL, “Get Close” showcases Ari’s soulful vocals and musical artistry. “Get Close” reflects Ari’s continued presence in the music scene and her ability to captivate listeners with her soulful sound and compelling artistry.

With Ari Lennox’s velvety vocals gliding over a smooth and sultry melody, the song creates a sensual and intimate atmosphere. Its lyrics explore the yearning for closeness and emotional connection, drawing listeners into a world of romantic longing and passion. “Get Close” showcases Ari’s vocal prowess and ability to craft music that captures the depth of human emotion, making it an alluring addition to her repertoire. / New Music Release

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