Gas You Up - King Combs Feat. DreamDoll

Gas You UpKing Combs Feat. DreamDoll

Quotable Lyrics:
No makeup, still fine, it’s the face for me
Body snatched, ass fat, it’s the waist for me
She said she don’t chase her liquor, but she chasin’ me
She said my waves on swim, it’s the tape for me
It’s only right I gas you up, it’s the face for me

Brand new body, snatched it up, it’s the waist for me
She said, “Tae did the wig”, it’s the lace for me
She got that *clap-clap-clap*, it’s the cake for me

O-overseas apparel, b*tch, I walked in stylin’
Might take her to Turks if she keep on talkin’ islands
Twenty thousand ones, I keep dollar bills flyin’

Brand new Patek (Patek), I call it perfect timin’
She don’t need no leggings, it’s the ass for me
It’s only Birkins if she ever get a bag from me (Haha, ha)

It’s the laugh for me
She a goody two shoes, but she bad for me
Might, might bring out the Bentley or the ‘Rari ’cause I’m ridin’ different

Flew her to Miami, now her body different
Why the f**k would I stress when my diamonds hittin’?
Good d**k make her glow, now she shinin’ different